Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year...New Friends...New Outlook!

This is it!  This is the year we are supposed to come off treatment...not until late October, but at least it is this year.  Our goal is to get through with as few speed bumps as possible (aka admissions).  My personal goal is to try to get the family on a more normal regimen...I will exercise and take "Me" time with my close friends, Jack will get to have more play dates with friends, Sammy will play sports and have play dates, and Brian will see more of his friends.  I also want to spend more time as a couple...perhaps a concert or two, date nights, and family dinners once again.  We will see how it all goes. 

Friendships are vital when one is going through cancer (as a caregiver or a patient).  I have been blessed with so many friends.  Some are there in emergencies, some are there if I approach them, and some are just always there no mater what.  There are many different types of friendships I have discovered, and each one is unique and vital to our overall well being.  I know not to overlook those I rarely see...they are often working behind the scenes for us as a family, or are engaged in something to help support leukemia research.  I have friends who accept I don't contact them often but when we meet up, always ask about Sammy and try to support me as best they can. 

Then I have friends who just "do" because they know I need it and don't wait to be asked.  In the past it might have been to run interference to prevent too many people bombarding us with well wishes when we weren't even able to utter a grunt, never mind spend time filling each individual in on the situation.  They made sure we had food during the 'dark days' of constant hospitalizations, working all day and at hospital all night: they made sure Jack was okay and that we do not have to focus on feeding that time, I don't think I had the strength to even think about cooking. 

Today I am discovering new, wonderful friendships based on others' willingness to share their thoughts and feelings in their own blogs.  I am not talking about "Coping with Cancer" type blogs, but portals into LIFE...something we are all ready to embrace again.  2011 is a year to begin anew, refresh ourselves spiritually (whatever that means to each of us), mentally and physically. 

I was going to tell you all about the wonderful New Years Eve party held by our close friends and neighbors...Sammy fell asleep, Jack partied with many friends, and Brian and I were with special people in our lives.  But that was just the beginning of the "new".  We are ready to rumble!  So what if we had an ER visit and Sammy had what if we have steroid week coming what if I know my resolve is going to crumble at times....It is there now and I really, honestly, never thought it would be there again.  Bring on 2011!

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  1. Oh, yes! Wonderful attitude to bring in the new year. I am so very grateful for your new friendship. Thank you for always lending a kind word! Happy 2011 to you, Katy! :)
    xo, Shannon


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