Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Port, Time and Staph!

Given that this is week two of the cycle, we are enjoying more normalcy than last week.  Sammy and I had a mommy date at the Lakeview Diner followed by fun at the Childrens' Science Museum.  Jack and I had our date today: Red Diner followed by a couple of hours sledding.  I am in agony as I type...the wipe out was AFV funny...but that is another tale to tell.

Of course, I had to explain to Sammy, him feeling relatively okay, that he may not go sledding this year due to the port in his chest and the dangers of knocking it.  The poor little guy was in tears; who wouldn't be?  He calmed down after we told him we would go many times next winter.  It never fails to astound me how this child can cope with such long time periods being presented to him.  Next winter is a whole year away, and he knows it (no cognitive issues presenting- PHEW)! 

Children with cancer have a different understanding to anyone else.  They see 'time' in terms of treatments, visits to clinics, end of certain chemos, and when they will be able to 'do' something again.  Time has passed quickly for us as a family.  I never want to wish our lives away, however.  Even with cancer, I am savoring every moment of my childrens' youth.  It is precious, and we are trying to make it as positive as we can for both Jack and Sam. 

On a side note, Sammy's urine culture finally came back with a trace of Staph!  Antibiotics will begin tomorrow...oh goodie....now we have to persuade Sam to gulp down a new concoction!


  1. Just had another go at accessing my Google, enabling me to post a comment, and think I've finally cracked it! Only took me 2 hours!!! :o) Shall now try to post on your latest blog. Love and hugs. xxx

  2. It's hard when a child cannot do something. You are coping well...children can be much stronger than we think.


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