Sunday, May 15, 2011

Abnormal Symptoms

I was going to post about the weekend..the usual steroid melt-downs, a failed attempt at a family day out (silly me--it's steroid week), and the fact Jacks baseball game was rained out...well cancelled after we waited two hours in the rain!

However, tonight is not following the usual madness we have got so used to.  Tonight Sammy went limp, felt 'strange', and found it hard to walk.  Terror strikes when the usual pain, feelings of every inch on one's body is crawling, and 'screamers' turn into something else.  This was not usual, we don't like things deviating from our comfort zone.

A call to CHAM left us knowing very little.  The doctor on call said she didn't know what could be causing it, it wasn't the increased meds, and we should just wait until morning.  Mummy radar is at full throttle and I am researching all I can about this.  Nada!

So, we will watch and wait...literally.  I'm signing off to go and sit with my little warrior as he tries to get to sleep.  I will stay with him all night if he continues to feel strange.  I don't know how these children do it.  Sammy is putting up with things most adults would never stop complaining about.  All he says is, I wish it would go away.  So do I, my love, so do I!


  1. All my love to Sammy tonight. I hope it is the healing that is makinghim feel weird. xoxoxoxo, my dear.


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