Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Wake Up Story - Protecting Children from Cancer Causing Chemicals


  1. thanks for posting this.I am taking your cue and putting it up on my blog tomorrow.

  2. It is scary to find out such is important to keep a balance though...otherwise we will drive ourselves insane!

  3. It's such a scandal that dangerous chemicals like this have been allowed to enter our environment and even our food chain... and scary that most of us either 1. don't know they are there or 2. don't know how dangerous these chemicals are 3. or worse... don't care either way! [grin]

    How many people don't think twice about spraying insect repellent on their skin... or drinking diet Coke [or even regular Coke for that matter] or using disposable daipers? Yep even those are made from petrochemicals and our babies are sitting in a pool of it! It's ALL poison. But because it's so mainstream no-one gives it a second thought.

    Videos like this might force us to think twice. I'll be sharing it too! Thanks for posting this :-)


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