Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Day

Well, don't I feel like a bit of a complainer!  I know I have stuff to feel sorry for myself about, but I kinda let loose a bit last night.  Thank you to all those who rushed to my aid and gave me amazing words of support.  I am is a day without tears and self-pity.  And I certainly didn't mean to imply that cancer moms are the only people who have something to cry about.

Today I took Jack to his baseball game.  He played really well and the team won 11-4!  More on that over at his blog.  Sammy then had swimming.  He was feeling tired from yesterday and tried to get out of going, but we held firm and asked him to do his best and stick to his commitments.  I was so impressed as he glided though the water with speed and power and a rapidly developing style.  He really stands out in a good 'I am not limping with pain' kind of way in the water.  He rocks!

When we got home, I decided to scrub down all the garden furniture, clean the deck, and tidy up outside a little.  There is nothing like hard work to take one's mind off things.  I am knackered and ache all feels good!  Might have termites...but I'll worry about that when I get off this couch to really check it out!

So I know my moaning and groaning comes and goes...and I know I tend to focus on me, rather than Sammy when I do.  I do not have cancer...I do not have treatment, chemo, steroids and pain.  But I cannot climb inside Sam's brain to share his thoughts, so I share, honest and self-absorbed as they may be.  I try to throw in some details about life as it is, and mix well with a pinch of normal too.


  1. Don’t be so silly! We’re all entitled to self-expression, which is completely different to self-absorption. Anyone who reads your words here can see your selfless love. Thanks for sharing your raw emotion; I think it’s bold and worthwhile. Hope you catch up with your sleep :) x

  2. A very happy Mother's Day to you, my friend. xo


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