Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nothin' New

Posting has been a little slow lately, mainly because there is not much to post about....or rather, there is nothing bad to moan about!  Sam has settled into week two of his cycle.  The infection seems to have cleared up.  The intense pain has gone away. And the steroid 'screamers' are over.  All in all it's the same ol' same ol'.

Of course life is not a walk in the park.  (Uh oh, here comes the moan again!)  Sam is really sick of things going wrong for him....from a conversation in school today:

"Why does no much happen to me?  Am I the world record holder for unlucky?  I have a broken foot, my arm is all banged up from catching it in the machine (vending machine accident moments before), I have a HUGE bug bite that is driving me crazy, I have to take all this medicine that I hate, I can't play with my friends and run like a normal kid, oh, and I have cancer!"

Seems reasonable to feel like the world record holder for unlucky at that moment, but Momma Bear, a wonderful colleague of mine, told Sammy that he was getting all his bad luck out and he will have more luck as an adult.  He seemed to ponder this, accept it...and then came the clanger...."Can you promise I won't have any more bad luck?"

Whacha gonna say???

Ah life!  It throws us some challenges at times that we just have to ride out.  I have a feeling we are going to crawl across that finish line with the last ounce of our being!

On a good note....and I like to throw those in too as a cancer blog just wouldn't be the same without them...Brian and I are abandoning the kids for 3 nights (staying with very brave grandparents) so we can go to see Pearl Jam's weekend festival.....nothing like getting away from it all :)  House, dog, kids, cats...all taken care of.  First time alone on vacation with Brian EVER....priceless!  Well, us and 37,000+ other people rocking out to great music :)  Even better, I get to finally meet S over at Thumbin' My Way...a blogger/Pearl Jam nut who has helped me stay sane in so many ways :)


  1. Leaving the kids for the weekend and going to have fun, just the two of you, sounds like the best medicine ever! I'm so glad you are doing that. Bravo!!

  2. Hi Galen,
    Yes, it will do us good. I am really looking forward to it.
    Katy x

  3. It will be epic. A weekend to go down in the history books. I'm so glad we finally get to meet!

    PS- I have a little something for you over at my blog.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    xo, Shannon

  4. Sorry, I seem to be late getting to everyone’s blog at the minute. Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Katy, and I look forward to hearing all about it afterwards :) xx

  5. Thank you so much, Shannon xxxx

    Mask...glad to hear from you. I too have been a little absent from the blog lately...


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