Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hair Loss and More

I do not mean to highjack the previous post as I really want to highlight some wonderful blogs and a worthy cause.  However, today has been quite a day.

Sammy is losing his hair again!  I don't know why, except the 6MP and steroids (Dex) have been increased again.  He does not know it is happening yet, and with his feeling unlucky lately (oh just you wait to hear the next installment on THAT), we are hoping it is not too severe and we won't have to tell him.

As for the 'feeling unlucky' phase Sam is going through, I am beginning to believe it too. We already have the broken foot, not being able to walk properly anyway, the frustration of being 'not normal', the bug bite from hell that refuses to go away, the morphine-needing agony of the steroid pulse...oh and the cancer!  Today we added one more:  Sammy has the proud distinction of being the first person ever to choke on the little piece of zucchini the Hibachi chef tosses for everyone to catch in their mouths!!!!

We began with a movie, Kung Foo Panda 2...very fun indeed!  Then took the boys to Sam's favorite restaurant for Hibachi.  Soup, salad, sake....and boom!   Sam was going purple as the zucchini slid right into his mouth and straight down his throat...stuck!  Brian patted his back but didn't see the view I had.  My chair hit the floor as I covered ground faster than you can say "luck" (or some word like that), and then Sam threw up everywhere..the little zucchini piece sitting all alone on the floor thankfully showing me it had come out.  We left with Sammy hysterical, Jack bemused and a little grossed out, and headed home for the much safer option of cereal!

Thankfully Sammy is okay, but he heard the mention of him being the only one ever to have had that happen and he immediately goes into his "Why is it always me?" routine.  I feel the, choking and....I really don't want to read much into this but...some raised small red spots on his skin!  Luck...not feeling it today!

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  1. Kisses to Sammy. Things will get better. I hope this is only temporary and he keeps a positive attitude.

    xo, Shannon


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