Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pay It Forward

My wonderful blogging friend S over at Thimbin' My Way has awarded me this lovely gift.  I am delighted a) because S thought of me when passing on the award and b) because the message is one I really believe in.  So much of this journey with Sammy and my family has been one of accepting things; this started a ripple effect as we sought ways to pay it forward to others.

There is a foundation entitled Pay It Forward, encouraging youths to think of ways to make a difference in the world, help someone else,  be proactive not passive.

Because of the message of this blogger award, I am asking something a little different of the five bloggers I award this to.  All they need to do to accept the award is link back to this blog and award it to five others bloggers who they feel deserve the it.  BUT, I am also asking (not requiring) my chosen bloggers to Pay It Forward and include a link to an organization, individual, group, or anyone who might benefit from others knowing about their needs.  Not asking for money, per se, just letting people know about the situation/condition/plight and having them decide what to do about it.

So, please go visit my lovely S on Thumbin' My Way.

Here are my five award winners...check them out and say hello!

Galen over at Ten Steps to Finding Your Happy Place

Lisa over at Home is Where the Heart Is

Dirty Mouth Mama over at Isa's Leukemia, Our Lives

Caorlee over at Come on Home

Jean over at

And now for my way of Paying It Forward

Please take a moment to read about my raising awareness promotion:  This is a family in immediate need....the info is taken directly from the Pearl Jam fan club:

Our friend; fellow fan Christopher Lee-Sye (Leathermosquitoman), his wife Nicole and two year old daughter Carolyn lost everything in the tornado that struck Joplin, MO. We’re thankful he & his family are safe, but they lost just about every material possession they had. They’ve been able to find their pet bunny and three cats, as well as some small valuables.

Chris mentioned their immediate needs include clothing, shoes, gas and food. Gift Cards are super important and can help them obtain these items quickly. Keep in mind toys, pet care items, towels, personal care items and more.
Shirt Sizes:
Chris – XL
Nicole – L
Carolyn – 4T
Pants/Jeans Sizes:
Chris = 32-34
Nicole = 32-34 women's
Carolyn = 4T or toddler size 7
Gift Card Suggestions

- Visa! (can be used anywhere!)
- Target
- Best Buy
- Toys R Us
- Sears
- Amazon

You can send your gift cards & anything else you might like to:
Wishlist Foundation
ATTN: Christopher Lee-Sye
PO Box 3868
Naperville, IL 60567
We will handle sending him the box(es) of comfort in his time of need.
Monetary Donations

If you would like to donate money instead of items, you can send a donation to info@wishlistfoundation.ORG via PayPal (please mark it as a GIFT) with the title message “ATTN: Christopher Lee-Sye” (we can provide a tax receipt)
you can PayPal Chris directly at and make sure you mark it as a GIFT
Direct Shipping

If you want to send something via UPS or directly, you can send it to:
c/o Christopher Lee-Sye
4509 W. Poplar Street
Rogers, AR 72758
Chris works at the Outback and they are accepting packages for him and delivering them to him and his family.
A message from Chris & his family:

“You guys are awesome…. Thank you for absolutely everything and that the continued love and support is truly amazing. Be proud to be a part of the amazing PJ community. This is truly overwhelming and I can’t express how much things like this helps us to move forward. xoxo”
Chris requests that if you do donate anything, please include your name/email because they would like to thank each one of you individually.
Additionally, you can donate to the Red Cross Appeal by texting “Joplin” to 864833 for a donation of $10, which will be added to your phone bill.

Please share with your friends :)


  1. YOu, my friend, are one amazing woman! I absolutely love the twist you put on this award.

    I've been thinking so much about that family after hearing about it through Wishlist on Friday. Aaron and I took Aidan to the store this weekend to put together a care package for Chris, Nicole and Carolyn. We talked to Aidan about their tragedy and got him involved. He was so eager to help. We're even going to take a big UPS box to his class on Tuesday and ask his classmates to help the family in small ways - toys, clothes, books, gift cards. I hope we can do a little something to help alleviate their loss.

    Thank you for highlighting them here. You are doing a wonderful thing!

    xo, shannon

  2. Shannon, your heart is as big as any could get. What a wonderful idea for the care package. It will teach Aiden so much too. Sometimes I get a wakeup call and realize I am not the only one going tough you know only too well.

  3. Thank you for the award! If anyone ever deserved such an award, however, it would be you, so I'm glad you got this first!


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